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Week 7: Shared Sticky Notes, INDT 501-01

Check out my Wallwisher!! >> Brittany’s Sticky Note Pad This week in our lesson plans, we were able to explore a website called Wallwisher. Wallwisher allowed for us to create a board that can be shared and written on by any user that has access to it. I enjoyed this website because it gave me the … Continue reading »

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Reflection Blog Post- EDCI 500-02 Immersion

After watching the video, How English Sounds to Non-English Speakers by Brian and Karl in our lesson this week, I felt what it was like to be a student in a classroom that is not a students native language. I found myself becoming frustrated and confused as the video progressed because sometimes I would hear … Continue reading »

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Week 4 Reflection Post: Information Literacy, INDT 501-01  This week in Instructional Technologies class, I learned that it is possible to create your own customized search engine. I found this tool extremely fascinating and helpful for my lesson plans. As a business educator, I assign weekly current events for students to stay engaged in the business world and up to date … Continue reading »

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