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Blog Reflection 9: Virtual Worlds, INDT 501

Photo Credit: Dean This week we explored virtual worlds and what they have to offer in the classroom. After exploring different types of virtual worlds, I found myself questioning how I could use them in the classroom for instruction. Virtual worlds act like the real world…just.. virtual. People can interact through a virtual world and … Continue reading »

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Mini Projects 2-Timeline, INDT 501-01

Steps in creating a business timeline This week as we explored new projects to choose from, I found myself a little overwhelmed and in a “creative block”. I have been struggling with creating projects that incorporates business material and connecting them to Virginia’s Standards of Learning. As I had a hard time creating the information, … Continue reading »

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Week 8 Reflection Blog Post: Mini Projects 1, INDT 501-01

This week in Instructional Technologies, we explored tools that allowed us to present subject material in a new and exciting way to students. These tools not only allow us a new and exciting way to present information, but they also allow for us to continue our mission to implement technology in the classroom as well … Continue reading »

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INDT 501- Flipping the Classroom

To flip or not to flip.. that…., is the question. After realizing that this week’s topic was covering flipping the classroom, I got really excited to share. My roommate just presented this idea of “flipping the classroom” to Central Office and got approved for his presentation. I remember the first time he explained the concept … Continue reading »

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Week 5: Creating a Curricular Video, INDT 501-01

I would like to start off my blog saying: I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I have truly enjoyed the tools we have been learning in our INDT 501 class and have found them extremely useful (I swear I’m not a teacher’s pet 😉 However,  I think that these tools have and will be extremely useful to reach … Continue reading »

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Week Three: Digital Literacy, INDT 501-01

“Cat With a Protection Collarin” by Capellas3 Being a teacher in this ever changing technology world, it is extremely important to be thoughtful about where we get our information and images. We must be modeling the importance of identifying credibility and giving credit where credit is due. In order to model this behavior, we must … Continue reading »

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Week Two: 21st Century vs. Core Knowledge INDT 501-01

How can we incorporate 21st Century knowledge and core knowledge ideas into the current curriculum that students receive? After reviewing multiple points of view and trying not to be bias as I researched, I found myself continuing to fall to the 21st Century skills side. I chose this side because it opens up the opportunity … Continue reading »

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Week One: INDT501-01, Technology Integration Matrix Model

After studying the Technology Integration Matrix Model and watching videos of students using it in the classroom, I found myself understanding the idea behind being able to use any technology effectively. According to the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, The Integration Matrix Model (TIM) is an illustration dedicated to showing how teachers and students can … Continue reading »

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