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EDCI 506-School Law

Religion in the classroom is a controversial issue and many educators find themselves in situations where different religions can be brought into the classroom. As an educator, how can we stay neutral to these situations? Last year, I completed an Earth Science long-term substitute position at the secondary level. I was instructed to teach the … Continue reading »

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Blog #5 Year-Round Schooling

The idea of having school through the course of an entire year brings many thoughts and questions into my mind. I have thought of this concept before as I continued through high school, but never saw it possible with the traditional approach always winning. As a child, I felt that students deserved summers off and … Continue reading »

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Budget Exercise, EDCI 506-02

During this week’s lesson, we explored a school budget. Our assignment was to cut the school budget by 20%. I have attached a letter written to the Board of Education for their next scheduled meeting with information and rationale as to where I placed cuts.I chose Stafford County Public Schools because that is currently where … Continue reading »

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The Classroom Outside of the Classroom-Taking Sides EDCI 506-02

Rebuttal “The Classroom Outside of the Classroom” As educators, we must plug into what is going on outside of the school walls. Our future generations are more technology savvy than the educators are. According to Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams’ book, Flip Your Classroom, today’s students grew up with Internet access, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and … Continue reading »

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Week Three: History Of Education, EDCI 506-02

The Common School Movement was a movement based on defining and shaping the American life, starting with inequality in schools. The Common School Movement started in 1770 and went to 1890. It was founded by Horance Mann and was originally intended for privileged white children and was funded by local property taxes to provide a … Continue reading »

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Week Two: EDCI 506-02 Professional Goal

  As I am beginning a new career and I look forward 5-10 years, I see a lot changing in the way that I instruct and maintain a classroom.  I just started on my teaching journey and have found that it is something I must continually educate myself on. That idea, in fact, is one … Continue reading »

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Week One: EDCI506-01, Experiences

To create a community of learners during the first week of school, I think it is important to allow the students to feel welcome and comfortable in their environment. As I went through grade school, I found that the teachers I encountered were very reserved and did not connect with individual students. It wasn’t until … Continue reading »

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