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Blog Reflection 7: Formative and Summative Measurement

Educators give assessments to students to both evaluate and prepare students for following subject material. There are two types of general uses for assessments. Formative assessments are also known as pretests, which allow educators to determine what the students know and understand to guide them in instruction. A summative assessment is considered to be the … Continue reading »

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Blog #6: Ambiguity and Constructivism, EDCI 500

Learning has always been something I have perused and enjoyed. I believe that my motivation to learn and do well in school comes from within as well as from the outside. An individuals locus of causality refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them (Woolfolk,  2013, p.431). … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 5: Teaching for Reflection

Photo Credit: Langwitches Discovery learning in action is highly important for our new generations of learners. The lesson plans conducted in Models of Teaching, illustrate two different methods of instruction. In the “presentation cum group”, students are engaged in the study of a botany unit that requires studying the textbook with tutorial help of their … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 4: Prior Knowledge, EDCI 500-02

The Calvaria major tree, native to the island of Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean is in danger of becoming extinct because of deforestation. Humans native to that area are using the unique tree for human needs. My hypothesis is that due to this rapid loss of the Calvaria major tree, humans are not replenishing … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 2: What does research say about identity?, EDCI 500-02

Is it right to inflate adolescence self-esteem and not worry about academics? Is it right to not worry about self-esteem and focus solely on academics? What is right? When it comes to moral development and self-identity, we must be on our toes and in tune to how we are educating our future generations. According to … Continue reading »

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Week Two: Research and NCLB Act, EDCI 500-02 When I sat down to read and think about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) that occurred in 2001, I began to form my own opinion about the Act. I do believe that it was created originally as a positive idea to help students learn and be successful in the classroom. However, … Continue reading »

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