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Blog #5 Year-Round Schooling

Posted by on November 14, 2013

The idea of having school through the course of an entire year brings many thoughts and questions into my mind. I have thought of this concept before as I continued through high school, but never saw it possible with the traditional approach always winning.

As a child, I felt that students deserved summers off and that they would not be able to function without an extended break. As I grew up and moved to college, I found myself taking full semester class loads throughout the summer and would ultimately have a year-round class schedule. I found that I enjoyed this type of learning because it was continuous and helped me to learn as much as I possibly could.

I believe that a year-round school schedule would work in our current school system as long as students receive multiple breaks throughout the year. I believe that parents would also find this effective because of the work schedule that they follow with their children and locating daycare. I also believe that if enough breaks were given throughout the year, families could still enjoy and plan their vacations. This would also give families more options as to when they want to hold their vacations depending on the season and location.

Maintenance of a school continues throughout the summer months and would not be detrimental to the budget to stay open. By using the building and school supplies all year allows schools to fully utilize their facilities and budget.  Administration also works throughout the summer months and would see that keeping school all year would benefit for all of these reasons.

Overall, I believe that allowing school to be year-round allows students to continue to be lifelong learners and build on what they have learned the previous grade. Students benefit from adding summer sports and having activities to do while their families are at work. It gives teachers the opportunity to build stronger relationships among students and allows everyone to still benefit from breaks throughout the year.

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