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Monthly Archives: November 2013

EDCI 506-School Law

Religion in the classroom is a controversial issue and many educators find themselves in situations where different religions can be brought into the classroom. As an educator, how can we stay neutral to these situations? Last year, I completed an Earth Science long-term substitute position at the secondary level. I was instructed to teach the … Continue reading »

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Blog #6: Ambiguity and Constructivism, EDCI 500

Learning has always been something I have perused and enjoyed. I believe that my motivation to learn and do well in school comes from within as well as from the outside. An individuals locus of causality refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them (Woolfolk,  2013, p.431). … Continue reading »

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Blog #5 Year-Round Schooling

The idea of having school through the course of an entire year brings many thoughts and questions into my mind. I have thought of this concept before as I continued through high school, but never saw it possible with the traditional approach always winning. As a child, I felt that students deserved summers off and … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 9: Virtual Worlds, INDT 501

Photo Credit: Dean This week we explored virtual worlds and what they have to offer in the classroom. After exploring different types of virtual worlds, I found myself questioning how I could use them in the classroom for instruction. Virtual worlds act like the real world…just.. virtual. People can interact through a virtual world and … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 5: Teaching for Reflection

Photo Credit: Langwitches Discovery learning in action is highly important for our new generations of learners. The lesson plans conducted in Models of Teaching, illustrate two different methods of instruction. In the “presentation cum group”, students are engaged in the study of a botany unit that requires studying the textbook with tutorial help of their … Continue reading »

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