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Mini Projects 2-Timeline, INDT 501-01

Posted by on October 27, 2013

Steps in creating a business timeline

This week as we explored new projects to choose from, I found myself a little overwhelmed and in a “creative block”. I have been struggling with creating projects that incorporates business material and connecting them to Virginia’s Standards of Learning. As I had a hard time creating the information, I found that the timeline activity would be the best fit for what I am currently covering in class. I decided to use Capzle to create my timeline around the different steps it takes to start your own business. It is important to understand the order of steps pertaining to starting your own business and that is when I realize this would be a perfect fit for my second mini project.

This week’s lesson, we learned about distance learning and how it can be in many different forms. Distance learning is the idea that an individual learns through the Internet using Web-based methods (Coffman, 2012). This chapter is directly related to our mini projects and I found myself connecting our current experiences with distance learning.

I am currently taking two online courses at The University of Mary Washington and am experiencing first-hand how distance learning plays out. I find that it can be very beneficial to today’s society and a way to speak the technology language of our upcoming generations. This idea of distance learning allows individuals to maintain a busy life that is trending while having the opportunity to further their education and learn.

As I found the timeline to be a great idea, I do think it would be a wonderful use for history or science. I found myself exploring the opportunities of using a timeline in business and found it would be very useful for students to create as a project. We just previously explored the factors of production and the entrepreneurship of Milton Hershey. It would be exciting for students to pick an entrepreneur and create a timeline of their success in inventing a common item we use today. Capzle was easy to use and understand.

For my mini project, I found it difficult to incorporate a lot of pictures when what I needed was text. Capzle did not allow me to do this directly onto a slide. I wound up creating PowerPoint slides with information I wanted to display. It was extremely easy for me to save them as a jpeg file and upload into my Capzle. This week I learned how important it is to use Web-based tools on the Internet to create lessons used for instruction and interaction across the globe.


Coffman, T. (2012) Using Inquiry In the Classroom. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education.

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