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Week 8 Reflection Blog Post: Mini Projects 1, INDT 501-01

Posted by on October 20, 2013

This week in Instructional Technologies, we explored tools that allowed us to present subject material in a new and exciting way to students. These tools not only allow us a new and exciting way to present information, but they also allow for us to continue our mission to implement technology in the classroom as well as use inquiry in the classroom. These tools can reach out to students and make a lesson meaningful to them through differentiated instruction. Podcasts are being used for all levels of education and can be easily accessed by students on a multitude of devices (Solomon, & Schrum, 2010). They are an efficient tool that is easy to use and can be placed on different websites or software to provide voice/video instruction that can alert you when new material is available (Solomon, & Schrum, 2010). This is just one tool we explored this week that can become the link to creating engaging inquiry-oriented activities that would be impossible to achieve without integrating technology tools (Coffman, 2013).

I was originally going to create a podcast for my mini project but changed my mind at the last second to do a talking Avitar. I really enjoyed this activity and found it to be a different way to introduce someone to a topic or a webpage. I ultimately used mine as an introduction to my eportfolio. I had fun creating this Avitar because of the countless number of options it allowed me to choose from. I was able to pick what it looked like from the size of its nose to what it would wear. I also enjoyed the option that allowed me to use my own voice, a text-to-voice option, or different languages from around the world. I could see myself using this tool with my students as a project for an introduction to the class. I think it would be meaningful for students to create an account that contained a small snippet of information about themselves that they could share to the class. It would be enjoyable for them and also unique to them and what they are interested in. Ultimately it would provide useful information to the class about themselves and allow them to enjoy the activity. Tools such as the talking Avitar are useful for students in the classroom and easy to use for all ages.

Access to my Talking Avitar can be located on my ePortfolio page under the “About Brittany” tab, or you can access it at this web address:


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