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Week 7: Shared Sticky Notes, INDT 501-01

Posted by on October 13, 2013

Check out my Wallwisher!!

>> Brittany’s Sticky Note Pad

This week in our lesson plans, we were able to explore a website called Wallwisher. Wallwisher allowed for us to create a board that can be shared and written on by any user that has access to it. I enjoyed this website because it gave me the opportunity to create a simple question or topic and invite anyone I would like by sending them my website URL. This website allows its users to interact with other users through an easy channel over a topic of their choice.

This channel can be used for personal use or for educational use. I found this website to be useful because it displayed information using real-time. Shortly after submitting my URL to my classmates, I started to receive notifications regarding their post updates. As I sat on my Wallwisher, I experienced words coming up on my wall as friends were typing them. I believe that in order for a website to be successful in today’s world, it must be able to display real-time information. Wallwisher did just that and I enjoyed its ease of use.

For Wallwisher to be used in the classroom, I think it is important for all students to have used the site before. When I first signed up to be registered for the website, I had no idea what I was doing. After experiencing other classmates sending me emails regarding their own walls, I began to understand what I was expected to do with this website and its capabilities. After fully understanding how this tool could be used, I started to explore in depth the benefits it could bring to the classroom.

Using Wallwisher as a tool for students in the classroom, we are allowing them to explore a social networking device that lets each individual become a journalist and comment on a topic of choice. I believe that it helps regulate who can discuss on different walls and gives the “owner” complete control over the wall. If an educator decides to use it for discussion outside of the 4-wall classroom, it can be used as a debate channel and used for participation points. I enjoyed that the user can personalize each wall to fit their topic and change walls to organize different topics. It can be synced to Google accounts and it functions a lot like Google Docs.

I did, however, find a small glitch in my own use. My boyfriend had logged on to his Google previously to our assignment, when I used Google to sign on to Wallwisher, I found that I had sent out an invite under “Justin’s” name. I went through the settings and tried to change the profile but I was unsuccessful. Other than my own user error, I found this website to be extremely useful and its subject uses are endless!



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