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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Budget Exercise, EDCI 506-02

During this week’s lesson, we explored a school budget. Our assignment was to cut the school budget by 20%. I have attached a letter written to the Board of Education for their next scheduled meeting with information and rationale as to where I placed cuts.I chose Stafford County Public Schools because that is currently where … Continue reading »

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Mini Projects 2-Timeline, INDT 501-01

Steps in creating a business timeline This week as we explored new projects to choose from, I found myself a little overwhelmed and in a “creative block”. I have been struggling with creating projects that incorporates business material and connecting them to Virginia’s Standards of Learning. As I had a hard time creating the information, … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 4: Prior Knowledge, EDCI 500-02

The Calvaria major tree, native to the island of Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean is in danger of becoming extinct because of deforestation. Humans native to that area are using the unique tree for human needs. My hypothesis is that due to this rapid loss of the Calvaria major tree, humans are not replenishing … Continue reading »

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Week 8 Reflection Blog Post: Mini Projects 1, INDT 501-01

This week in Instructional Technologies, we explored tools that allowed us to present subject material in a new and exciting way to students. These tools not only allow us a new and exciting way to present information, but they also allow for us to continue our mission to implement technology in the classroom as well … Continue reading »

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Week 7: Shared Sticky Notes, INDT 501-01

Check out my Wallwisher!! >> Brittany’s Sticky Note Pad This week in our lesson plans, we were able to explore a website called Wallwisher. Wallwisher allowed for us to create a board that can be shared and written on by any user that has access to it. I enjoyed this website because it gave me the … Continue reading »

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Reflection Blog Post- EDCI 500-02 Immersion

After watching the video, How English Sounds to Non-English Speakers by Brian and Karl in our lesson this week, I felt what it was like to be a student in a classroom that is not a students native language. I found myself becoming frustrated and confused as the video progressed because sometimes I would hear … Continue reading »

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INDT 501- Flipping the Classroom

To flip or not to flip.. that…., is the question. After realizing that this week’s topic was covering flipping the classroom, I got really excited to share. My roommate just presented this idea of “flipping the classroom” to Central Office and got approved for his presentation. I remember the first time he explained the concept … Continue reading »

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