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Week 5: Creating a Curricular Video, INDT 501-01

Posted by on September 28, 2013

I would like to start off my blog saying: I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

I have truly enjoyed the tools we have been learning in our INDT 501 class and have found them extremely useful (I swear I’m not a teacher’s pet 😉 However,  I think that these tools have and will be extremely useful to reach our 21st Century Learners. Technology, such as the curricular videos we produced this week, is a great way to introduce a topic in a new way to our students. I enjoyed the tool Animoto because it was easy to use and exciting for the viewer. It was a way to grab our viewer’s attention and get them thinking about the subject at hand. I also learned of another tool this week called Knovio. Knovio is a tool that incorporates both a video recoding along with a personalized slide-by-slide presentation. This tool was helpful for creating lessons accessed outside of the four-wall classroom or as a great tool for projects.

I had a small issue with Animoto while I was using it, however. When I would preview the video, I thought that I was experiencing blurry photos because of the low-resolution they use to preview it and I would experience better quality once I published it. However, when I published it, I still experienced the same low quality. I was discouraged by this and realized that I would now need to start over. I do think that this tool would be helpful in the classroom. Users must be sensitive to what type of photo they are using and what quality it brings along with it.

I chose to do a motivational video for cheerleading because I coach for high school girls and find that encouragement is the ultimate way to touch their lives. We have our first competition coming up and I have had a video planned for quite awhile. Animoto provided me the opportunity to make my photos and videos come to life that I have been saving throughout the summer and empower them to do their best the night of the competition. Not only can Animoto be used for coaching, but it can be used in the classroom for a new taste of learning.

I included my original link to my motivational video below. Until I have an opportunity to create a new one, I wanted to submit what I have done so far! My advice: do not use the carousal template!


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3 Responses to Week 5: Creating a Curricular Video, INDT 501-01

  1. patmcguire


    I thought your video was interesting and I had never considered that teachers could use these to motivate sports teams. I agree that this can be very useful technology in the classroom as well as other aspects of school. I don’t know if you checked but there may be some controls to edit your video that include video quality that could help.


  2. Phil


    Your video is great and I do not think you need to change it unless (like me) you are a perfectionist!

    Regarding the blurriness of the pictures, I used the “large” originals (downloaded from Flickr) for mine and they were blurry in the preview but fine in the presentation. If you have the original pictures in their original quality that might help but it depends on the camera, megapixels, etc. Point and shoot cameras often do not produce a good enough picture to enlarge very much. Either way your young ladies will appreciate it.

    I have a question, when you inserted the video did you just upload it as if it were a picture? Then did it automatically stop the music to allow the video audio to play and resume the music when it went back to stills?

    I agree Animoto will be very useful for the classroom. I already used it to put together a video for my Va Tech son (corps of cadets) to show the first six weeks of their time at Tech. They loved it. I will also give Novio a shot.

    Great effort.


    Phil Lanman

  3. Amy Miller


    It is great to read that you enjoy technology so much! I have not quite arrived at the level yet, but I am becoming more comfortable and enjoying the options provided in this class.

    I also found the photo quality in Animoto to be blurry, but I thought that was just my old eyes trying to adapt to new media! 🙂 My theme is travel, so I found the travel option to be a cool enhancement of photos from a trip with my husband and sons.

    Thanks for sharing your video! You will have a wonderful impact on those girls! 🙂

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