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Week Three: Digital Literacy, INDT 501-01

Posted by on September 15, 2013


“Cat With a Protection Collarin” by Capellas3

Being a teacher in this ever changing technology world, it is extremely important to be thoughtful about where we get our information and images. We must be modeling the importance of identifying credibility and giving credit where credit is due. In order to model this behavior, we must find information that has usage licenses that is appropriate for our instruction plans. We must be mindful of these rules and make sure to follow them according to our usage rights.

After extensive research, I located this amusing cat on I searched for an image that allows users to easily access its image license and is labeled as “royalty free”. “Royalty free” means that a user may use any non-watermarked images that is downloaded from their Website. When a user downloads an image, they are agreeing to the Website’s terms and conditions. By downloading an image, it does not mean that you own the image; it just simply means you may use the image and cite it.

By clicking on the image usage rights, it will explain in full detail what you can and cannot do with the image once it is downloaded. This is a description in full detail that helps a user understand what may be done with the image without disobeying the law and their rights. According to Stock Xchng, my user options are that I may use the image as follows:

  • In digital format on websites, multimedia presentations, broadcast film and video, cell phones.
  • In printed promotional materials, magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, flyers, CD/DVD covers, etc.
  • Along with your corporate identity on business cards, letterhead, etc.
  • To decorate your home, your office or any public place.

I may not use the image as follows:

  • For pornographic, unlawful or other immoral purposes, for spreading hate or discrimination, or to defame or victimise other people, sociteties, cultures.
  • To endorse products and services if it depicts a person.
  • In a way that can give a bad name to SXC or the person(s) depicted on the Image.
  • As part of a trademark, service mark or logo.
  • Always ask permission from the photographer if I want to use the image for websites I want to sell or distribute, create printed reproductions that I intend to sell, or for “print on demand” items.

I have realized it is extremely important to be conscious about what we are posting online and what we are taking from online. It is such an easily accessible source of information and images, we often forget that an individual posted that information and they should receive credit for what they did.


Capellas3 (Unknown). 2011. Cat with a protection collarin, Retrieved September 15th, 2013, from .

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