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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Week 5: Creating a Curricular Video, INDT 501-01

I would like to start off my blog saying: I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I have truly enjoyed the tools we have been learning in our INDT 501 class and have found them extremely useful (I swear I’m not a teacher’s pet 😉 However,  I think that these tools have and will be extremely useful to reach … Continue reading »

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The Classroom Outside of the Classroom-Taking Sides EDCI 506-02

Rebuttal “The Classroom Outside of the Classroom” As educators, we must plug into what is going on outside of the school walls. Our future generations are more technology savvy than the educators are. According to Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams’ book, Flip Your Classroom, today’s students grew up with Internet access, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and … Continue reading »

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Blog Reflection 2: What does research say about identity?, EDCI 500-02

Is it right to inflate adolescence self-esteem and not worry about academics? Is it right to not worry about self-esteem and focus solely on academics? What is right? When it comes to moral development and self-identity, we must be on our toes and in tune to how we are educating our future generations. According to … Continue reading »

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Week 4 Reflection Post: Information Literacy, INDT 501-01  This week in Instructional Technologies class, I learned that it is possible to create your own customized search engine. I found this tool extremely fascinating and helpful for my lesson plans. As a business educator, I assign weekly current events for students to stay engaged in the business world and up to date … Continue reading »

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Week Three: Digital Literacy, INDT 501-01

“Cat With a Protection Collarin” by Capellas3 Being a teacher in this ever changing technology world, it is extremely important to be thoughtful about where we get our information and images. We must be modeling the importance of identifying credibility and giving credit where credit is due. In order to model this behavior, we must … Continue reading »

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Week Three: History Of Education, EDCI 506-02

The Common School Movement was a movement based on defining and shaping the American life, starting with inequality in schools. The Common School Movement started in 1770 and went to 1890. It was founded by Horance Mann and was originally intended for privileged white children and was funded by local property taxes to provide a … Continue reading »

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Week Two: EDCI 506-02 Professional Goal

  As I am beginning a new career and I look forward 5-10 years, I see a lot changing in the way that I instruct and maintain a classroom.  I just started on my teaching journey and have found that it is something I must continually educate myself on. That idea, in fact, is one … Continue reading »

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Week Two: Research and NCLB Act, EDCI 500-02 When I sat down to read and think about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) that occurred in 2001, I began to form my own opinion about the Act. I do believe that it was created originally as a positive idea to help students learn and be successful in the classroom. However, … Continue reading »

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Week Two: 21st Century vs. Core Knowledge INDT 501-01

How can we incorporate 21st Century knowledge and core knowledge ideas into the current curriculum that students receive? After reviewing multiple points of view and trying not to be bias as I researched, I found myself continuing to fall to the 21st Century skills side. I chose this side because it opens up the opportunity … Continue reading »

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